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Posted on: December 10, 2008 8:26 am

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

Today's song - Pipebomb on Lansdowne (dance remix) - Dropkick Murphys

Comments - I've loved Dropkick for a while now (since I first heard Barroom Hero on the Give Em The Boot comp album).  I've seen them live four times (last time was in 2003) and at this point they've gotten so big (especially here in Boston) that I doubt that I'll ever get to see them again.  The ticket is nearly impossible to get.  I think that this song is hillarious.  It is essentially about blowing up the old dance clubs on Lansdowne St in Boston and the differences between the punk kid listening to their stuff and the designer drug addled kid listening to "techno".  I personally listen to both punk and electronic music but definitely associate more with the punk crowd than the other.  One of the things that I actually hate about that type of music is the crowd that goes clubbing.  One of the Dropkick shows that I was fortunate enough to see (thanks Doug) was one of the St Patty's Day weekend shows that they recorded for their live album at Avalon on Lansdowne.  One of the coolest memories that I have of the show was leaving after it was done and walking out right into the crowd of kids coming out to go clubbing.  There was a pretty stark contrast between the kids wearing ratty T-shirts and jeans and the ones wearing those shiny metallic looking button downs ready to twirl around some glow sticks.  Funny stuff.

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Posted on: December 4, 2008 8:55 am

Thursday 4 December, 2008

Before I get to today's song I want to talk a bit about my iPod on random.  Normally it is truly random and spews forth the songs on it in an incomprehensible order (I've actually had a Ministry song followed by Ella Fitzgerald before) but occasionally it puts together a run of songs that sound like they belong together.  I guess that it is a bit like the infinite number of monkeys eventually typing Shakespeare but anyway...here is what I had going today - I'm the One by the Descendents then Automatic by Less Than Jake then Keep Fishin' by Weezer then The Dirty Glass by Dropkick Murphys then Lyin' *ss B*tch by Fishbone.  Nice run huh?  It actually flows like a playlist that was intentionally created.  Anyway that brings me to...

Today's Song - Lyin' *ss B*tch - Fishbone

Comments - The greatest concert that I ever saw was Fishbone at the Middle East Downstairs in Boston.  The energy at that show was just incredible.  Les Claypool from Primus came out and played on one song and Angelo Moore is crazy which makes for great live music sometimes.  At one point he was literally hanging from the rafters.  Awesome.  Anyway, this song for some reason always reminds me of something from a musical.  I'm not sure if it's the female vocals (I think it's Lisa Grant singing) or the La la las in the chorus but it always reminds me of something from Les Mis.  Anyway, if you don't know this song, check it out.

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