Posted on: December 1, 2008 8:44 am

December 1st, 2008

The songs switched between when I got off the elevator and the time I got to my desk so I'll comment on both.

Todays songs - Human Behaviour - Bjork    and     With the Quickness - Bad Brains

Comments - I think that Bjork's music is as great as she herself is wierd (who remembers the swan dress?).  I remember seeing this video for the first time and thinking WTF was that?  A stuffed bear chasing her through the woods?  And then of course I promptly went out and bought Debut at my local mall.  BTW as a bit of an aside, I absolutely love the Icelandic accent.  I think that it somehow makes her seem cuter than she really is.  As for Bad Brains, they are one of my top five favorite bands of all times and nearly any punk music that comes out today that is worth anything (I do not include Pop Punk crap like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte in that category BTW) was influenced in some way by Bad Brains.  The first place that I heard them was on the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack doing a cover of MC5's Kick Out The Jams with Henry Rollins on vocals.  I can truly say that after hearing that song everything else seemed somehow weaker by comparison.  Anyway, it forced me to seek out more of there stuff, most of which is incredible (especially the self titled album and the album I Against I - my two favorites).  The rest as they say is history.  Enough for now.  Until tomorrow.

PS - I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving

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